WM 2022 - FIFA World Cup Qatar Standard Edition

WM 2022 - FIFA World Cup Qatar Standard Edition Panini, 2022

WM 2022 - FIFA World Cup Qatar Standard Edition - Panini Name: WM 2022 - FIFA World Cup Qatar Standard Edition
Company: Panini
Year: 2022

Total stickers: 673
Numbers: 1
Special stickers: ARG01, ARG02, ARG03, ARG04, ARG05, ARG06, ARG07, ARG08, ARG09, ARG10, ARG11, ARG12, ARG13, ARG14, ARG15, ARG16, ARG17, ARG18, ARG19, ARG20, AUS01, AUS02, AUS03, AUS04, AUS05, AUS06, AUS07, AUS08, AUS09, AUS10, AUS11, AUS12, AUS13, AUS14, AUS15, AUS16, AUS17, AUS18, AUS19, AUS20, BEL01, BEL02, BEL03, BEL04, BEL05, BEL06, BEL07, BEL08, BEL09, BEL10, BEL11, BEL12, BEL13, BEL14, BEL15, BEL16, BEL17, BEL18, BEL19, BEL20, BRA01, BRA02, BRA03, BRA04, BRA05, BRA06, BRA07, BRA08, BRA09, BRA10, BRA11, BRA12, BRA13, BRA14, BRA15, BRA16, BRA17, BRA18, BRA19, BRA20, CAN01, CAN02, CAN03, CAN04, CAN05, CAN06, CAN07, CAN08, CAN09, CAN10, CAN11, CAN12, CAN13, CAN14, CAN15, CAN16, CAN17, CAN18, CAN19, CAN20, CMR01, CMR02, CMR03, CMR04, CMR05, CMR06, CMR07, CMR08, CMR09, CMR10, CMR11, CMR12, CMR13, CMR14, CMR15, CMR16, CMR17, CMR18, CMR19, CMR20, CRC01, CRC02, CRC03, CRC04, CRC05, CRC06, CRC07, CRC08, CRC09, CRC10, CRC11, CRC12, CRC13, CRC14, CRC15, CRC16, CRC17, CRC18, CRC19, CRC20, CRO01, CRO02, CRO03, CRO04, CRO05, CRO06, CRO07, CRO08, CRO09, CRO10, CRO11, CRO12, CRO13, CRO14, CRO15, CRO16, CRO17, CRO18, CRO19, CRO20, DEN01, DEN02, DEN03, DEN04, DEN05, DEN06, DEN07, DEN08, DEN09, DEN10, DEN11, DEN12, DEN13, DEN14, DEN15, DEN16, DEN17, DEN18, DEN19, DEN20, ECU01, ECU02, ECU03, ECU04, ECU05, ECU06, ECU07, ECU08, ECU09, ECU10, ECU11, ECU12, ECU13, ECU14, ECU15, ECU16, ECU17, ECU18, ECU19, ECU20, ENG01, ENG02, ENG03, ENG04, ENG05, ENG06, ENG07, ENG08, ENG09, ENG10, ENG11, ENG12, ENG13, ENG14, ENG15, ENG16, ENG17, ENG18, ENG19, ENG20, ESP01, ESP02, ESP03, ESP04, ESP05, ESP06, ESP07, ESP08, ESP09, ESP10, ESP11, ESP12, ESP13, ESP14, ESP15, ESP16, ESP17, ESP18, ESP19, ESP20, FRA01, FRA02, FRA03, FRA04, FRA05, FRA06, FRA07, FRA08, FRA09, FRA10, FRA11, FRA12, FRA13, FRA14, FRA15, FRA16, FRA17, FRA18, FRA19, FRA20, FWC01, FWC02, FWC03, FWC04, FWC05, FWC06, FWC07, FWC08, FWC09, FWC10, FWC11, FWC12, FWC13, FWC14, FWC15, FWC16, FWC17, FWC18, FWC19, FWC20, FWC21, FWC22, FWC23, FWC24, FWC25, FWC26, FWC27, FWC28, FWC29, GER01, GER02, GER03, GER04, GER05, GER06, GER07, GER08, GER09, GER10, GER11, GER12, GER13, GER14, GER15, GER16, GER17, GER18, GER19, GER20, GHA01, GHA02, GHA03, GHA04, GHA05, GHA06, GHA07, GHA08, GHA09, GHA10, GHA11, GHA12, GHA13, GHA14, GHA15, GHA16, GHA17, GHA18, GHA19, GHA20, IRN01, IRN02, IRN03, IRN04, IRN05, IRN06, IRN07, IRN08, IRN09, IRN10, IRN11, IRN12, IRN13, IRN14, IRN15, IRN16, IRN17, IRN18, IRN19, IRN20, JPN01, JPN02, JPN03, JPN04, JPN05, JPN06, JPN07, JPN08, JPN09, JPN10, JPN11, JPN12, JPN13, JPN14, JPN15, JPN16, JPN17, JPN18, JPN19, JPN20, KOR01, KOR02, KOR03, KOR04, KOR05, KOR06, KOR07, KOR08, KOR09, KOR10, KOR11, KOR12, KOR13, KOR14, KOR15, KOR16, KOR17, KOR18, KOR19, KOR20, KSA01, KSA02, KSA03, KSA04, KSA05, KSA06, KSA07, KSA08, KSA09, KSA10, KSA11, KSA12, KSA13, KSA14, KSA15, KSA16, KSA17, KSA18, KSA19, KSA20, MAR01, MAR02, MAR03, MAR04, MAR05, MAR06, MAR07, MAR08, MAR09, MAR10, MAR11, MAR12, MAR13, MAR14, MAR15, MAR16, MAR17, MAR18, MAR19, MAR20, MEX01, MEX02, MEX03, MEX04, MEX05, MEX06, MEX07, MEX08, MEX09, MEX10, MEX11, MEX12, MEX13, MEX14, MEX15, MEX16, MEX17, MEX18, MEX19, MEX20, NED01, NED02, NED03, NED04, NED05, NED06, NED07, NED08, NED09, NED10, NED11, NED12, NED13, NED14, NED15, NED16, NED17, NED18, NED19, NED20, POL01, POL02, POL03, POL04, POL05, POL06, POL07, POL08, POL09, POL10, POL11, POL12, POL13, POL14, POL15, POL16, POL17, POL18, POL19, POL20, POR01, POR02, POR03, POR04, POR05, POR06, POR07, POR08, POR09, POR10, POR11, POR12, POR13, POR14, POR15, POR16, POR17, POR18, POR19, POR20, QAT01, QAT02, QAT03, QAT04, QAT05, QAT06, QAT07, QAT08, QAT09, QAT10, QAT11, QAT12, QAT13, QAT14, QAT15, QAT16, QAT17, QAT18, QAT19, QAT20, SEN01, SEN02, SEN03, SEN04, SEN05, SEN06, SEN07, SEN08, SEN09, SEN10, SEN11, SEN12, SEN13, SEN14, SEN15, SEN16, SEN17, SEN18, SEN19, SEN20, SRB01, SRB02, SRB03, SRB04, SRB05, SRB06, SRB07, SRB08, SRB09, SRB10, SRB11, SRB12, SRB13, SRB14, SRB15, SRB16, SRB17, SRB18, SRB19, SRB20, SUI01, SUI02, SUI03, SUI04, SUI05, SUI06, SUI07, SUI08, SUI09, SUI10, SUI11, SUI12, SUI13, SUI14, SUI15, SUI16, SUI17, SUI18, SUI19, SUI20, TUN01, TUN02, TUN03, TUN04, TUN05, TUN06, TUN07, TUN08, TUN09, TUN10, TUN11, TUN12, TUN13, TUN14, TUN15, TUN16, TUN17, TUN18, TUN19, TUN20, URU01, URU02, URU03, URU04, URU05, URU06, URU07, URU08, URU09, URU10, URU11, URU12, URU13, URU14, URU15, URU16, URU17, URU18, URU19, URU20, USA01, USA02, USA03, USA04, USA05, USA06, USA07, USA08, USA09, USA10, USA11, USA12, USA13, USA14, USA15, USA16, USA17, USA18, USA19, USA20, WAL01, WAL02, WAL03, WAL04, WAL05, WAL06, WAL07, WAL08, WAL09, WAL10, WAL11, WAL12, WAL13, WAL14, WAL15, WAL16, WAL17, WAL18, WAL19, WAL20, [Hardcover_Leeralbum], [Leeralbum], [Stickertüte]

Members that swap: 836
Stickers offered: 94,284
Stickers wanted: 45,936

Remarks: -

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