Harry Potter - Lego - Sticker Abenteuer

Harry Potter - Lego - Sticker Abenteuer Blue Ocean, 2023

Harry Potter - Lego - Sticker Abenteuer - Blue Ocean Name: Harry Potter - Lego - Sticker Abenteuer
Company: Blue Ocean
Year: 2023

Total stickers: 317
Numbers: 1-225
Special stickers: C01, C02, C03, C04, C05, C06, C07, C08, C09, C10, C11, C12, C13, C14, C15, C16, C17, C18, C19, C20, C21, C22, C23, C24, C25, C26, C27, C28, C29, C30, C31, C32, C33, C34, C35, C36, C37, C38, C39, C40, C41, C42, C43, C44, C45, GC01, GC02, GC03, GC04, GC05, GC06, GC07, GC08, GC09, GC10, GC11, GC12, GC13, GC14, GC15, GC16, GC17, GC18, GC19, GC20, GC21, GC22, GC23, GC24, GC25, GC26, GC27, GC28, GC29, GC30, GC31, GC32, GC33, GC34, GC35, GC36, GC37, GC38, GC39, GC40, GC41, GC42, GC43, GC44, GC45, [Leeralbum], [Stickertüte]

Members that swap: 53
Stickers offered: 4,593
Stickers wanted: 2,019

Remarks: Es gibt 45 normale Cards (hier mit C eingetragen), die Cards gibt es auch als Gold Cards (Parallel Cards) hier mit GC eingetragen

Limitierte Karten:
LE01 Harry Potter, LE02 George Weasley, LE03 Sucher Harry Potter, LE04 Oliver Wood, LE05 Sucher Draco Malfoy, LE06 Rubeus Hagrid,
LE07 Professor Snape, LE08 Magischer Professor Dumbledore, LE09 Sirius Black, LE35 Gryffindor Quidditch Team, LE36 Die Weasleys,
LE37 Harry Potter & Seidenschnabel, LE38 Draco Malfoy, LE39 Hermine Granger, LE40 Harry, Ron und Hermine, LE41 Ron Weasley,
LE42 Magischer Ron Weasley, LE43 Professor Dumbledore, LE44 Dobby, LE45 Hedwig

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