Bundesliga Stars Quartett 2011

Bundesliga Stars Quartett 2011 Hanuta, 2011

Name: Bundesliga Stars Quartett 2011
Company: Hanuta
Year: 2011

Total stickers: 36
Numbers: 0
Special stickers: 001A, 001B, 001C, 001D, 002A, 002B, 002C, 002D, 003A, 003B, 003C, 003D, 004A, 004B, 004C, 004D, 005A, 005B, 005C, 005D, 006A, 006B, 006C, 006D, 007A, 007B, 007C, 007D, 008A, 008B, 008C, 008D, 009A, 009B, 009C, 009D

Members that swap: 193
Stickers offered: 2,659
Stickers wanted: 171

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