Football 2007 (Belgien)

Football 2007 (Belgien) Panini, 2006

Football 2007 (Belgien) - Panini Name: Football 2007 (Belgien)
Company: Panini
Year: 2006

Total stickers: 506
Numbers: 1-506
Special stickers: -

Members that swap: 11
Stickers offered: 313
Stickers wanted: 1,758

Remarks: This collection is about the two Belgian highest division for the season 2006/07 and for the highest women league. Each team of the highest division have stickers for their emblem (1), their coach (1), players (17) and the team photo (2). Each team of the second division has a sticker for their emblem (1), team photo (2) and (only) one player (1). The highest women league has a sticker for their emblem (1), team photo (2) and their coach (1). All team photos are on 2 stickers.

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