Match Attax Champions League 21/22 EXTRA

Match Attax Champions League 21/22 EXTRA Merlin/Topps, 2022

Match Attax Champions League 21/22 EXTRA - Merlin/Topps Name: Match Attax Champions League 21/22 EXTRA
Company: Merlin/Topps
Year: 2022

Total stickers: 354
Numbers: 0
Special stickers: 1 UefaChampionsLeagueFinal, 2 UefaEuropaLeagueFinal, 3 UefaEuropaConferenceLeagueFinal, AC-ADP, AC-DJ, AC-DR, AC-EC, AC-GZ, AC-JK, AC-JR, AC-JT, AC-KK, AC-MA, AC-ML, AC-PS, AC-RL, AC-TK, AH01, AH02, AH03, AH04, AH05, AH06, AH07, AH08, AH09, AH10, AH11, AH12, AK01, AK02, AK03, AK04, AK05, AK06, AK07, AK08, AK09, AK10, AK11, AK12, AK13, AK14, AK15, AK16, AK17, AK18, AK19, AK20, AK21, AK22, AK23, AK24, CLU1, CLU2, CLU3, CLU4, CLU5, HTH1, HTH2, HTH3, HTH4, HTH5, JR-AD, JR-ED, JR-IG, JR-LK, JR-RG, JR-TW, JR-VJ, JR-WM, LE Blue Bellingham, LE01 Ederson, LE02 Shaw, LE03 Dijk, LE04 Werner, LE05 Tielemans, LE06 Antonio, LE07 Kane, LE08 DePaul, LE09 Kroos, LE10 Pedri, LE11 Barella, LE12 Hernandez, LE13 Dybala, LE14 Savic, LE15 Musiala, LE16 Olmo, LE17 Wijnaldum, LEG1, LEG2, LEG3, LEG4, LEG5, LEG6, MAN01, MAN02, MAN03, MAN04, MAN05, MAN06, MAN07, MAN08, MAN09, MAN10, MAN11, MAN12, MAN13, MAN14, MAN15, MAN16, MAN17, MAN18, MAN19, MAN20, MAN21, MAN22, MAN23, MAN24, MOTM01, MOTM02, MOTM03, MOTM04, MOTM05, MOTM06, MOTM07, MOTM08, MOTM09, MOTM10, MOTM11, MOTM12, MOTM13, MOTM14, MOTM15, MOTM16, MOTM17, MOTM18, MOTM19, MOTM20, MOTM21, MOTM22, MOTM23, MOTM24, MOTM25, MOTM26, MOTM27, MOTM28, MOTM29, MOTM30, MOTM31, MOTM32, MV01, MV02, MV03, MV04, MV05, MV06, MV07, MV08, MV09, MV10, MV11, MV12, MV13, MV14, MV15, MV16, OUT01, OUT02, OUT03, OUT04, OUT05, OUT06, OUT07, OUT08, OUT09, OUT10, OUT11, OUT12, OUT13, OUT14, OUT15, OUT16, PA1 Lukaku, PA2 Benzema, PA3 Lewandowski, PAS1 Mbappe Messi Neymar, PD1 Dias, PD2 Upamecano, PD3 Ramos, PDS1 Maguire Varane Shaw, POS01, POS02, POS03, POS04, POS05, POS06, SB01, SB02, SB03, SB04, SB05, SB06, SB07, SB08, SB09, SB10, SB11, SB12, SB13, SB14, SB15, SB16, SB17, SB18, SB19, SB20, SB21, SB22, SIG01, SIG02, SIG03, SIG04, SIG05, SIG06, SIG07, SIG08, SIG09, SIG10, SIG11, SIG12, SS01, SS02, SS03, SS04, SS05, SS06, SS07, SS08, SS09, SS10, SS11, SS12, SS13, SS14, SS15, SS16, SS17, SS18, SS19, SS20, SS21, SS22, SS23, SS24, STA01, STA02, STA03, STA04, STA05, STA06, STA07, STA08, STA09, STA10, STA11, STA12, SU01, SU02, SU03, SU04, SU05, SU06, SU07, SU08, SU09, SU10, SU11, SU12, SU13, SU14, SU15, SU16, SU17, SU18, SU19, SU20, SU21, SU22, SU23, SU24, SU25, SU26, SU27, SU28, SU29, SU30, SU31, SU32, SU33, SU34, SU35, SU36, SU37, SU38, SU39, SU40, SU41, SU42, SU43, SU44, SU45, SU46, SU47, SU48, SU49, SU50, SU51, SU52, SU53, SU54, SU55, SU56, SU57, SU58, SU59, SU60, SU61, SU62, SU63, SU64, UEFA1, UEFA2, UEFA3, XLE1 Grealish, XLE2 Kimmich, XLE3 Messi, XS01, XS02, XS03, XS04, XS05, XS06, XS07, XS08, XS09, XS10, XS11, XS12, XS13, XS14, XS15, XS16, [Tüte]

Members that swap: 11
Stickers offered: 757
Stickers wanted: 578

Remarks: -

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