Match Attax Champions League 20/21 (deutsche Version)

Match Attax Champions League 20/21 (deutsche Version) Merlin/Topps, 2020

Match Attax Champions League 20/21 (deutsche Version) - Merlin/Topps Name: Match Attax Champions League 20/21 (deutsche Version)
Company: Merlin/Topps
Year: 2020

Total stickers: 537
Numbers: 0
Special stickers: ATL01, ATL02, ATL03, ATL04, ATL05, ATL06, ATL07, ATL08, ATL09, ATL10, ATL11, ATL12, ATL13, ATL14, ATL15, ATL16, ATL17, ATL18, BAR01, BAR02, BAR03, BAR04, BAR05, BAR06, BAR07, BAR08, BAR09, BAR10, BAR11, BAR12, BAR13, BAR14, BAR15, BAR16, BAR17, BAR18, BAY01, BAY02, BAY03, BAY04, BAY05, BAY06, BAY07, BAY08, BAY09, BAY10, BAY11, BAY12, BAY13, BAY14, BAY15, BAY16, BAY17, BAY18, BEN01, BEN02, BEN03, BEN04, BEN05, BEN06, BEN07, BEN08, BEN09, BEN10, BEN11, BEN12, BEN13, BEN14, BEN15, BEN16, BEN17, BEN18, BMG01, BMG02, BMG03, BMG04, BMG05, BMG06, BMG07, BMG08, BMG09, BMG10, BMG11, BMG12, BMG13, BMG14, BMG15, BMG16, BRU01, BRU02, BRU03, BRU04, BRU05, BRU06, BRU07, BRU08, BRU09, BRU10, CEL01, CEL02, CEL03, CEL04, CEL05, CEL06, CEL07, CEL08, CEL09, CEL10, CEL11, CEL12, CHE01, CHE02, CHE03, CHE04, CHE05, CHE06, CHE07, CHE08, CHE09, CHE10, CHE11, CHE12, CHE13, CHE14, CHE15, CHE16, CHE17, CHE18, CL01, CL02, CL03, CL04, CL05, CL06, CL07, CL08, CL09, CL10, CL11, DOR01, DOR02, DOR03, DOR04, DOR05, DOR06, DOR07, DOR08, DOR09, DOR10, DOR11, DOR12, DOR13, DOR14, DOR15, DOR16, DOR17, DOR18, GG01, GG02, GG03, GG04, GG05, GG06, GG07, GG08, GG09, GG10, GG11, GG12, GG13, GG14, GG15, HT1, HT2, HT3, HT4, HT5, IBA01, IBA02, IBA03, IBA04, IBA05, II01, II02, II03, II04, II05, II06, II07, II08, II09, II10, II11, II12, II13, II14, II15, LE01B, LE01G, LE01S, LE02B, LE02G, LE02S, LE03B, LE03G, LE03S, LE04B, LE04G, LE04S, LE05B, LE05G, LE05S, LE06B, LE06G, LE06S, LE07B, LE07G, LE07S, LE08B, LE08G, LE08S, LE09B, LE09G, LE09S, LE10B, LE10G, LE10S, LE11, LEI01, LEI02, LEI03, LEI04, LEI05, LEI06, LEI07, LEI08, LEI09, LEI10, LEI11, LEI12, LEI13, LEI14, LEI15, LEI16, LEI17, LEI18, LIV01, LIV02, LIV03, LIV04, LIV05, LIV06, LIV07, LIV08, LIV09, LIV10, LIV11, LIV12, LIV13, LIV14, LIV15, LIV16, LIV17, LIV18, MAR01, MAR02, MAR03, MAR04, MAR05, MAR06, MAR07, MAR08, MAR09, MAR10, MCI01, MCI02, MCI03, MCI04, MCI05, MCI06, MCI07, MCI08, MCI09, MCI10, MCI11, MCI12, MCI13, MCI14, MCI15, MCI16, MM01, MM02, MM03, MM04, MM05, MM06, MM07, MM08, MM09, MM10, MM11, MM12, MM13, MM14, MM15, MM16, MM17, MM18, MM19, MM20, MM21, MM22, MM23, MM24, MM25, MM26, MM27, MNU01, MNU02, MNU03, MNU04, MNU05, MNU06, MNU07, MNU08, MNU09, MNU10, MNU11, MNU12, MNU13, MNU14, MNU15, MNU16, MNU17, MNU18, MW01, MW02, MW03, MW04, MW05, MW06, MW07, MW08, MW09, MW10, MW11, MW12, MW13, MW14, MW15, OS01, OS02, OS03, OS04, OS05, OS06, OS07, OS08, PS01, PS02, PS03, PS04, PS05, PS06, PS07, PS08, PS09, PS10, PS11, PS12, PS13, PS14, PS15, PSG01, PSG02, PSG03, PSG04, PSG05, PSG06, PSG07, PSG08, PSG09, PSG10, PSG11, PSG12, PSG13, PSG14, PSG15, PSG16, PSG17, PSG18, RBL01, RBL02, RBL03, RBL04, RBL05, RBL06, RBL07, RBL08, RBL09, RBL10, RBL11, RBL12, RBL13, RBL14, RBL15, RBL16, RBL17, RBL18, REA01, REA02, REA03, REA04, REA05, REA06, REA07, REA08, REA09, REA10, REA11, REA12, REA13, REA14, REA15, REA16, REA17, REA18, RNG01, RNG02, RNG03, RNG04, RNG05, RNG06, RNG07, RNG08, RNG09, RNG10, RNG11, RNG12, RS01, RS02, RS03, RS04, RS05, RS06, RS07, RS08, RS09, RS10, RS11, RS12, RS13, RS14, RS15, RS16, SHA01, SHA02, SHA03, SHA04, SHA05, SHA06, SHA07, SHA08, SHA09, SP01, SP02, SP03, SP04, SP05, SP06, SP07, SP08, SP09, SP10, SP11, SP12, SP13, SP14, SP15, SP16, SS01, SS02, SS03, SS04, SS05, SS06, SS07, SS08, SS09, SS10, SS11, SS12, T1, T2, T3, T4, TOT01, TOT02, TOT03, TOT04, TOT05, TOT06, TOT07, TOT08, TOT09, TOT10, TOT11, TOT12, TOT13, TOT14, TOT15, TOT16, WC01, WC02, WC03, WC04, WC05, WC06, WC07, WC08, WC09, WC10, WC11, WC12, WC13, WC14, WC15, ZEN01, ZEN02, ZEN03, ZEN04, ZEN05, ZEN06, ZEN07, ZEN08, ZEN09, ZEN10

Members that swap: 56
Stickers offered: 5,868
Stickers wanted: 4,548

Remarks: -

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