CL 2020/21 [UEFA Champions League - Official Sticker Collection Season 2020/21]

CL 2020/21 [UEFA Champions League - Official Sticker Collection Season 2020/21] Merlin/Topps, 2020

CL 2020/21 [UEFA Champions League - Official Sticker Collection Season 2020/21] - Merlin/Topps Name: CL 2020/21 [UEFA Champions League - Official Sticker Collection Season 2020/21]
Company: Merlin/Topps
Year: 2020

Total stickers: 585
Numbers: 0
Special stickers: AJA01, AJA02, AJA03, AJA04, AJA05, AJA06, AJA07, AJA08, AJA09, AJA10, AJA11, AJA12, AJA13, AJA14, AJA15, AJA16, AJA17, AJA18, ATA01, ATA02, ATA03, ATA04, ATA05, ATA06, ATA07, ATA08, ATA09, ATA10, ATA11, ATA12, ATA13, ATA14, ATA15, ATA16, ATA17, ATA18, ATM01, ATM02, ATM03, ATM04, ATM05, ATM06, ATM07, ATM08, ATM09, ATM10, ATM11, ATM12, ATM13, ATM14, ATM15, ATM16, ATM17, ATM18, BAR01, BAR02, BAR03, BAR04, BAR05, BAR06, BAR07, BAR08, BAR09, BAR10, BAR11, BAR12, BAR13, BAR14, BAR15, BAR16, BAR17, BAR18, BAY01, BAY02, BAY03, BAY04, BAY05, BAY06, BAY07, BAY08, BAY09, BAY10, BAY11, BAY12, BAY13, BAY14, BAY15, BAY16, BAY17, BAY18, BMG01, BMG02, BMG03, BMG04, BMG05, BMG06, BMG07, BMG08, BMG09, BMG10, BMG11, BMG12, BMG13, BMG14, BMG15, BMG16, BMG17, BMG18, BRU01, BRU02, BRU03, BRU04, BRU05, BRU06, BRU07, BRU08, BRU09, BRU10, BRU11, BRU12, BRU13, BRU14, BRU15, BRU16, BRU17, BRU18, CHE01, CHE02, CHE03, CHE04, CHE05, CHE06, CHE07, CHE08, CHE09, CHE10, CHE11, CHE12, CHE13, CHE14, CHE15, CHE16, CHE17, CHE18, DOR01, DOR02, DOR03, DOR04, DOR05, DOR06, DOR07, DOR08, DOR09, DOR10, DOR11, DOR12, DOR13, DOR14, DOR15, DOR16, DOR17, DOR18, INT01, INT02, INT03, INT04, INT05, INT06, INT07, INT08, INT09, INT10, INT11, INT12, INT13, INT14, INT15, INT16, INT17, INT18, IST01, IST02, IST03, IST04, IST05, IST06, IST07, IST08, IST09, IST10, IST11, IST12, IST13, IST14, IST15, IST16, IST17, IST18, JUV01, JUV02, JUV03, JUV04, JUV05, JUV06, JUV07, JUV08, JUV09, JUV10, JUV11, JUV12, JUV13, JUV14, JUV15, JUV16, JUV17, JUV18, LAZ01, LAZ02, LAZ03, LAZ04, LAZ05, LAZ06, LAZ07, LAZ08, LAZ09, LAZ10, LAZ11, LAZ12, LAZ13, LAZ14, LAZ15, LAZ16, LAZ17, LAZ18, LIV01, LIV02, LIV03, LIV04, LIV05, LIV06, LIV07, LIV08, LIV09, LIV10, LIV11, LIV12, LIV13, LIV14, LIV15, LIV16, LIV17, LIV18, LMO01, LMO02, LMO03, LMO04, LMO05, LMO06, LMO07, LMO08, LMO09, LMO10, LMO11, LMO12, LMO13, LMO14, LMO15, LMO16, LMO17, LMO18, MCI01, MCI02, MCI03, MCI04, MCI05, MCI06, MCI07, MCI08, MCI09, MCI10, MCI11, MCI12, MCI13, MCI14, MCI15, MCI16, MCI17, MCI18, MUN01, MUN02, MUN03, MUN04, MUN05, MUN06, MUN07, MUN08, MUN09, MUN10, MUN11, MUN12, MUN13, MUN14, MUN15, MUN16, MUN17, MUN18, OLM01, OLM02, OLM03, OLM04, OLM05, OLM06, OLM07, OLM08, OLM09, OLM10, OLM11, OLM12, OLM13, OLM14, OLM15, OLM16, OLM17, OLM18, POF01, POF02, POF03, POF04, POF05, POF06, POF07, POF08, POF09, POF10, POF11, POF12, POF13, POF14, POF15, POF16, POF17, POF18, POF19, POF20, POF21, POF22, POF23, POF24, POF25, POF26, POF27, POF28, POF29, POF30, POF31, POF32, POF33, POF34, POF35, POF36, POF37, POF38, POF39, POF40, POF41, POF42, POF43, POF44, POF45, POF46, POF47, POF48, POF49, POF50, POF51, POF52, POF53, POF54, POF55, POF56, POF57, POF58, POF59, POF60, POF61, POF62, POF63, POF64, POF65, POF66, POF67, POF68, POF69, POF70, POF71, POF72, POF73, POF74, POF75, POF76, POF77, POF78, POF79, POF80, POF81, POF82, POF83, POF84, POF85, POF86, POF87, POF88, POF89, POF90, POF91, POF92, POF93, POF94, POF95, POF96, POR01, POR02, POR03, POR04, POR05, POR06, POR07, POR08, POR09, POR10, POR11, POR12, POR13, POR14, POR15, POR16, POR17, POR18, PSG01, PSG02, PSG03, PSG04, PSG05, PSG06, PSG07, PSG08, PSG09, PSG10, PSG11, PSG12, PSG13, PSG14, PSG15, PSG16, PSG17, PSG18, RBL01, RBL02, RBL03, RBL04, RBL05, RBL06, RBL07, RBL08, RBL09, RBL10, RBL11, RBL12, RBL13, RBL14, RBL15, RBL16, RBL17, RBL18, REN01, REN02, REN03, REN04, REN05, REN06, REN07, REN08, REN09, REN10, REN11, REN12, REN13, REN14, REN15, REN16, REN17, REN18, RMA01, RMA02, RMA03, RMA04, RMA05, RMA06, RMA07, RMA08, RMA09, RMA10, RMA11, RMA12, RMA13, RMA14, RMA15, RMA16, RMA17, RMA18, RS01, RS02, RS03, RS04, RS05, RS06, RS07, RS08, RS09, RS10, RS11, RS12, RS13, RS14, SEV01, SEV02, SEV03, SEV04, SEV05, SEV06, SEV07, SEV08, SEV09, SEV10, SEV11, SEV12, SEV13, SEV14, SEV15, SEV16, SEV17, SEV18, SHK01, SHK02, SHK03, SHK04, SHK05, SHK06, SHK07, SHK08, SHK09, SHK10, SHK11, SHK12, SHK13, SHK14, SHK15, SHK16, SHK17, SHK18, UCL01, UCL02, WOM1, YOU1, ZSP01, ZSP02, ZSP03, ZSP04, ZSP05, ZSP06, ZSP07, ZSP08, ZSP09, ZSP10, ZSP11, ZSP12, ZSP13, ZSP14, ZSP15, ZSP16, ZSP17, ZSP18, [Leeralbum], [Megasticker], [Stickertüte]

Members that swap: 172
Stickers offered: 22,758
Stickers wanted: 6,720

Remarks: Album Cover folgt

[url=http://www.dienstac.de/adi/serien/cl2021.php] Serieninfo incl. Stickerliste [/url] (dienstac.de)

Glitzer-Sticker (64):
AJA01, AJA17, ATA01, ATA18, ATM01, ATM13, BAR01, BAR16, BAY01, BAY03, BMG01, BMG15, BRU01, BRU15, CHE01, CHE04, DOR01, DOR17, INT01, INT03, IST01, IST11, JUV01, JUV07, LAZ01, LAZ10, LIV01, LIV10, LMO01, LMO05, MCI01, MCI11, MUN01, MUN06, OLM01, OLM03, POF01, POF03, POF17, POF27, POF33, POF40, POF49, POF54, POF65, POF76, POF81, POF88, POR01, POR09, PSG01, PSG08, RBL01, RBL13, REN01, REN06, RMA01, RMA06, SEV01, SEV10, SHK01, SHK03, ZSP01, ZSP18

Groß-Sticker (26):
AJA02, ATA02, ATM02, BAR02, BAY02, BMG02, BRU02, CHE02, DOR02, INT02, IST02, JUV02, LAZ02, LIV02, LMO02, MCI02, MUN02, OLM02, POR02, PSG02, RBL02, REN02, RMA02, SEV02, SHK02, ZSP02

GroßGlitzer-Sticker (16):
RS01, RS02, RS03, RS04, RS05, RS06, RS07, RS08, RS09, RS10, RS11, RS12, RS13, RS14, YOU1, WOM1

Megasticker in der Tin - 12 x 8 cm

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