FIFA 365 Adrenalyn XL 2021 Update Edition

FIFA 365 Adrenalyn XL 2021 Update Edition Panini, 2021

FIFA 365 Adrenalyn XL 2021 Update Edition - Panini Name: FIFA 365 Adrenalyn XL 2021 Update Edition
Company: Panini
Year: 2021

Total stickers: 159
Numbers: 0
Special stickers: LE Diogo Jota (Liverpool FC), LE Donny van de Beek (Manchester United), LE Leroy Sane (FC Bayern München), LE Rodrygo (Real Madrid), LE Sergino Dest (FC Barcelona), LE Weston McKennie (Juventus Turin), UE001, UE002, UE003, UE004, UE005, UE006, UE007, UE008, UE009, UE010, UE011, UE012, UE013, UE014, UE015, UE016, UE017, UE018, UE019, UE020, UE021, UE022, UE023, UE024, UE025, UE026, UE027, UE028, UE029, UE030, UE031, UE032, UE033, UE034, UE035, UE036, UE037, UE038, UE039, UE040, UE041, UE042, UE043, UE044, UE045, UE046, UE047, UE048, UE049, UE050, UE051, UE052, UE053, UE054, UE055, UE056, UE057, UE058, UE059, UE060, UE061, UE062, UE063, UE064, UE065, UE066, UE067, UE068, UE069, UE070, UE071, UE072, UE073, UE074, UE075, UE076, UE077, UE078, UE079, UE080, UE081, UE082, UE083, UE084, UE085, UE086, UE087, UE088, UE089, UE090, UE091, UE092, UE093, UE094, UE095, UE096, UE097, UE098, UE099, UE100, UE101, UE102, UE103, UE104, UE105, UE106, UE107, UE108, UE109, UE110, UE111, UE112, UE113, UE114, UE115, UE116, UE117, UE118, UE119, UE120, UE121, UE122, UE123, UE124, UE125, UE126, UE127, UE128, UE129, UE130, UE131, UE132, UE133, UE134, UE135, UE136, UE137, UE138, UE139, UE140, UE141, UE142, UE143, UE144, UE145, UE146, UE147, UE148, XXL Cristiano Ronaldo, XXL Erling Haaland, XXL Kylian Mbappe, XXL Lionel Messi, XXL Serge Gnabry

Members that swap: 29
Stickers offered: 1,212
Stickers wanted: 941

Remarks: -

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