Transformers Trading Card Game (Transformers 4)

Transformers Trading Card Game (Transformers 4) Merlin/Topps, 2014

Transformers Trading Card Game (Transformers 4) - Merlin/Topps Name: Transformers Trading Card Game (Transformers 4)
Company: Merlin/Topps
Year: 2014

Total stickers: 185
Numbers: 1-176
Special stickers: Flipcard, LE Bumblebee, LE Crosshairs, LE Drift, LE Grimlock, LE Lockdown, LE Optimus Prime, LE Sentinal Prime, LE Swoop

Members that swap: 54
Stickers offered: 2,769
Stickers wanted: 1,090

Remarks: Limited Edition Karten: (Fundort zur Info)
LE Optimus Prime (Tin Box 1), LE Drift (Tin Box 2), LE Grimlock (Tin Box 3), LE Lockdown (Tin Box 4), LE Bumblebee (Multipack 1), LE Crosshairs (Multipack 2), LE Swoop (Multipack 3), LE Sentinal Prime (Multipack 4). Ob das alle LE sind oder ob da noch welche nachkommen bleibt erstmal offen.
Außerdem existiert dazu noch Flipcard (ohne Nummer). Diese kommt aus dem Starterpack.

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