EM 2024 (Deutschland)

EM 2024 (Deutschland) Merlin/Topps, 2024

EM 2024 (Deutschland) - Merlin/Topps Name: EM 2024 (Deutschland)
Company: Merlin/Topps
Year: 2024

Total stickers: 709
Numbers: 0
Special stickers: ALB-P1, ALB-P2, ALB-PTW, ALB-SP, ALB-TOP1, ALB-TOP2, ALB01, ALB02, ALB03, ALB04, ALB05, ALB06, ALB07, ALB08, ALB09, ALB10, ALB11, ALB12, ALB13, ALB14, ALB15, ALB16, ALB17, ALB18, ALB19, ALB20, ALB21, AUT-P1, AUT-P2, AUT-PTW, AUT-SP, AUT-TOP1, AUT-TOP2, AUT01, AUT02, AUT03, AUT04, AUT05, AUT06, AUT07, AUT08, AUT09, AUT10, AUT11, AUT12, AUT13, AUT14, AUT15, AUT16, AUT17, AUT18, AUT19, AUT20, AUT21, BEL-P1, BEL-P2, BEL-PTW, BEL-SP, BEL-TOP1, BEL-TOP2, BEL01, BEL02, BEL03, BEL04, BEL05, BEL06, BEL07, BEL08, BEL09, BEL10, BEL11, BEL12, BEL13, BEL14, BEL15, BEL16, BEL17, BEL18, BEL19, BEL20, BEL21, BIH-UKR-SP, BIH01, BIH02-03, BIH04-05, BIH06-07, BIH08-09, BIH10-11, BIH12-13, BIH14-15, CRO-P1, CRO-P2, CRO-PTW, CRO-SP, CRO-TOP1, CRO-TOP2, CRO01, CRO02, CRO03, CRO04, CRO05, CRO06, CRO07, CRO08, CRO09, CRO10, CRO11, CRO12, CRO13, CRO14, CRO15, CRO16, CRO17, CRO18, CRO19, CRO20, CRO21, CZE-P1, CZE-P2, CZE-PTW, CZE-SP, CZE-TOP1, CZE-TOP2, CZE01, CZE02, CZE03, CZE04, CZE05, CZE06, CZE07, CZE08, CZE09, CZE10, CZE11, CZE12, CZE13, CZE14, CZE15, CZE16, CZE17, CZE18, CZE19, CZE20, CZE21, DEN-P1, DEN-P2, DEN-PTW, DEN-SP, DEN-TOP1, DEN-TOP2, DEN01, DEN02, DEN03, DEN04, DEN05, DEN06, DEN07, DEN08, DEN09, DEN10, DEN11, DEN12, DEN13, DEN14, DEN15, DEN16, DEN17, DEN18, DEN19, DEN20, DEN21, ENG-P1, ENG-P2, ENG-PTW, ENG-SP, ENG-TOP1, ENG-TOP2, ENG01, ENG02, ENG03, ENG04, ENG05, ENG06, ENG07, ENG08, ENG09, ENG10, ENG11, ENG12, ENG13, ENG14, ENG15, ENG16, ENG17, ENG18, ENG19, ENG20, ENG21, ESP-P1, ESP-P2, ESP-PTW, ESP-SP, ESP-TOP1, ESP-TOP2, ESP01, ESP02, ESP03, ESP04, ESP05, ESP06, ESP07, ESP08, ESP09, ESP10, ESP11, ESP12, ESP13, ESP14, ESP15, ESP16, ESP17, ESP18, ESP19, ESP20, ESP21, EST01, EST02-03, EST04-05, EST06-07, EST08-09, EST10-11, EST12-13, EST14-15, EURO01, EURO02, EURO03, EURO04, EURO05, EURO06, EURO07, EURO08, EURO09, EURO10, EURO11, FIN01, FIN02-03, FIN04-05, FIN06-07, FIN08-09, FIN10-11, FIN12-13, FIN14-15, FRA-P1, FRA-P2, FRA-PTW, FRA-SP, FRA-TOP1, FRA-TOP2, FRA01, FRA02, FRA03, FRA04, FRA05, FRA06, FRA07, FRA08, FRA09, FRA10, FRA11, FRA12, FRA13, FRA14, FRA15, FRA16, FRA17, FRA18, FRA19, FRA20, FRA21, GA1, GA2, GB01, GB02, GC1, GC2, GD1, GD2, GE1, GE2, GEO-LUX-SP, GEO01, GEO02-03, GEO04-05, GEO06-07, GEO08-09, GEO10-11, GEO12-13, GEO14-15, GER-P1, GER-P2, GER-PTW, GER-SP, GER-TOP1, GER-TOP2, GER01, GER02, GER03, GER04, GER05, GER06, GER07, GER08, GER09, GER10, GER11, GER12, GER13, GER14, GER15, GER16, GER17, GER18, GER19, GER20, GER21, GF1, GF2, GRE-KAZ-SP, GRE01, GRE02-3, GRE04-05, GRE06-07, GRE08-09, GRE10-11, GRE12-13, GRE14-15, HUN-P1, HUN-P2, HUN-PTW, HUN-SP, HUN-TOP1, HUN-TOP2, HUN01, HUN02, HUN03, HUN04, HUN05, HUN06, HUN07, HUN08, HUN09, HUN10, HUN11, HUN12, HUN13, HUN14, HUN15, HUN16, HUN17, HUN18, HUN19, HUN20, HUN21, ICE01, ICE02-03, ICE04-05, ICE06-07, ICE08-09, ICE10-11, ICE12-13, ICE14-15, ISR-ICE-SP, ISR01, ISR02-03, ISR04-05, ISR06-07, ISR08-09, ISR10-11, ISR12-13, ISR14-15, ITA-P1, ITA-P2, ITA-PTW, ITA-SP, ITA-TOP1, ITA-TOP2, ITA01, ITA02, ITA03, ITA04, ITA05, ITA06, ITA07, ITA08, ITA09, ITA10, ITA11, ITA12, ITA13, ITA14, ITA15, ITA16, ITA17, ITA18, ITA19, ITA20, ITA21, KAZ01, KAZ02-03, KAZ04-05, KAZ06-07, KAZ08-09, KAZ10-11, KAZ12-13, KAZ14-15, LEG01, LEG02, LEG03, LEG04, LEG05, LEG06, LEG07, LEG08, LEG09, LEG10, LUX01, LUX02-03, LUX04-05, LUX06-07, LUX08-09, LUX10-11, LUX12-13, LUX14-15, MM1-2, NED-P1, NED-P2, NED-PTW, NED-SP, NED-TOP1, NED-TOP2, NED01, NED02, NED03, NED04, NED05, NED06, NED07, NED08, NED09, NED10, NED11, NED12, NED13, NED14, NED15, NED16, NED17, NED18, NED19, NED20, NED21, POL-EST-SP, POL01, POL02-03, POL04-05, POL06-07, POL08-09, POL10-11, POL12-13, POL14-15, POR-P1, POR-P2, POR-PTW, POR-SP, POR-TOP1, POR-TOP2, POR01, POR02, POR03, POR04, POR05, POR06, POR07, POR08, POR09, POR10, POR11, POR12, POR13, POR14, POR15, POR16, POR17, POR18, POR19, POR20, POR21, ROM-P1, ROM-P2, ROM-PTW, ROM-SP, ROM-TOP1, ROM-TOP2, ROM01, ROM02, ROM03, ROM04, ROM05, ROM06, ROM07, ROM08, ROM09, ROM10, ROM11, ROM12, ROM13, ROM14, ROM15, ROM16, ROM17, ROM18, ROM19, ROM20, ROM21, SCO-P1, SCO-P2, SCO-PTW, SCO-SP, SCO-TOP1, SCO-TOP2, SCO01, SCO02, SCO03, SCO04, SCO05, SCO06, SCO07, SCO08, SCO09, SCO10, SCO11, SCO12, SCO13, SCO14, SCO15, SCO16, SCO17, SCO18, SCO19, SCO20, SCO21, SRB-P1, SRB-P2, SRB-PTW, SRB-SP, SRB-TOP1, SRB-TOP2, SRB01, SRB02, SRB03, SRB04, SRB05, SRB06, SRB07, SRB08, SRB09, SRB10, SRB11, SRB12, SRB13, SRB14, SRB15, SRB16, SRB17, SRB18, SRB19, SRB20, SRB21, SUI-P1, SUI-P2, SUI-PTW, SUI-SP, SUI-TOP1, SUI-TOP2, SUI01, SUI02, SUI03, SUI04, SUI05, SUI06, SUI07, SUI08, SUI09, SUI10, SUI11, SUI12, SUI13, SUI14, SUI15, SUI16, SUI17, SUI18, SUI19, SUI20, SUI21, SVK-P1, SVK-P2, SVK-PTW, SVK-SP, SVK-TOP1, SVK-TOP2, SVK01, SVK02, SVK03, SVK04, SVK05, SVK06, SVK07, SVK08, SVK09, SVK10, SVK11, SVK12, SVK13, SVK14, SVK15, SVK16, SVK17, SVK18, SVK19, SVK20, SVK21, SVN-P1, SVN-P2, SVN-PTW, SVN-SP, SVN-TOP1, SVN-TOP2, SVN01, SVN02, SVN03, SVN04, SVN05, SVN06, SVN07, SVN08, SVN09, SVN10, SVN11, SVN12, SVN13, SVN14, SVN15, SVN16, SVN17, SVN18, SVN19, SVN20, SVN21, TOPPS1, TUR-P1, TUR-P2, TUR-PTW, TUR-SP, TUR-TOP1, TUR-TOP2, TUR01, TUR02, TUR03, TUR04, TUR05, TUR06, TUR07, TUR08, TUR09, TUR10, TUR11, TUR12, TUR13, TUR14, TUR15, TUR16, TUR17, TUR18, TUR19, TUR20, TUR21, UEFA1, UEFA2, UEFA3, UKR01, UKR02-03, UKR04-05, UKR06-07, UKR08-09, UKR10-11, UKR12-13, UKR14-15, WAL-FIN-SP, WAL01, WAL02-03, WAL04-05, WAL06-07, WAL08-09, WAL10-11, WAL12-13, WAL14-15, [Leeralbum], [Stickertüte]

Members that swap: 552
Stickers offered: 70,292
Stickers wanted: 67,277

Remarks: -

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