Match Attax Champions League 20/21 Extra

Match Attax Champions League 20/21 Extra Merlin/Topps, 2021

Match Attax Champions League 20/21 Extra - Merlin/Topps Name: Match Attax Champions League 20/21 Extra
Company: Merlin/Topps
Year: 2021

Total stickers: 351
Numbers: 0
Special stickers: AH01, AH02, AH03, AH04, AH05, AH06, AH07, AH08, AH09, AH10, AK01, AK02, AK03, AK04, AK05, AK06, AK07, AK08, AK09, AK10, AK11, AK12, AK13, AK14, AK15, AK16, AK17, AK18, AK19, AK20, AK21, AK22, AK23, AK24, BA01, BA02, BA03, BA04, BA05, BA06, BA07, BA08, BA09, BA10, BA11, BA12, BA13, BA14, BA15, BA16, BA17, BA18, BA19, BA20, BA21, BA22, BA23, BA24, CLU01, CLU02, CLU03, CLU04, CLU05, CLU06, CLU07, CLU08, CLU09, CLU10, CLU11, CLU12, CP01, CP02, CP03, CP04, CP05, CP06, CP07, CP08, CP09, CP10, CP11, CP12, CP13, CP14, CP15, CP16, CP17, CP18, CP19, CP20, CP21, CP22, CP23, CP24, EXA-AD, EXA-ED, EXA-IG, EXA-JM, EXA-LA, EXA-LS, EXA-MM, EXA-SS, EXA-TD, EXA-TP, HTH01, HTH02, LE1B, LE1G, LE1S, LE2B, LE2G, LE2S, LE3B, LE3G, LE3S, LE4B, LE4D, LE4G, LE4S, LE5B, LE5G, LE5S, LE6, MM-JJ, MM-MA, MOTM01, MOTM02, MOTM03, MOTM04, MOTM05, MOTM06, MOTM07, MOTM08, MOTM09, MOTM10, MOTM11, MOTM12, MOTM13, MOTM14, MOTM15, MOTM16, MOTM17, MOTM18, MOTM19, MOTM20, MOTM21, MOTM22, MR-AR, MR-BD, MR-CA, MR-DC, MR-DM, MR-DT, MR-GC, MR-GL, MR-JK, MR-LM, MR-RF, MR-RG, MR-RL, MR-TM, MR-WS, MV01, MV02, MV03, MV04, MV05, MV06, MV07, MV08, MV09, MV10, MV11, MV12, MV13, MV14, MV15, MV16, MV17, MV18, MV19, MV20, MV21, MV22, MV23, MV24, OSC01, OSC02, OSC03, OSC04, OSC05, OSC06, POS01, POS02, POS03, POS04, POS05, POS06, SI01, SI02, SI03, SI04, SI05, SI06, SI07, SI08, SKI01, SKI02, SKI03, SKI04, SKI05, SKI06, SKI07, SKI08, SKI09, SKI10, SKI11, SKI12, SKI13, SKI14, SKI15, SPE01, SPE02, SPE03, SPE04, SPE05, SPE06, SPE07, SPE08, SPE09, SPE10, SPE11, SPE12, SPE13, SPE14, SPE15, SPE16, SPE17, SPE18, SPE19, SPE20, SPE21, SPE22, SPE23, SPE24, SU01, SU02, SU03, SU04, SU05, SU06, SU07, SU08, SU09, SU10, SU11, SU12, SU13, SU14, SU15, SU16, SU17, SU18, SU19, SU20, SU21, SU22, SU23, SU24, SU25, SU26, SU27, SU28, SU29, SU30, SU31, SU32, SU33, SU34, SU35, SU36, SU37, SU38, SU39, SU40, SU41, SU42, SU43, SU44, SU45, SU46, SU47, SU48, SU49, SU50, SU51, SU52, SU53, SU54, SU55, SU56, SU57, SU58, SU59, SU60, SU61, SU62, SU63, SU64, SU65, SU66, SU67, SU68, SU69, SU70, SU71, SU72, SU73, SU74, SU75, SU76, SU77, SU78, SU79, SU80, TS01, TS02, TS03, TS04, TS05, TS06, TS07, TS08, TS09, TS10, TS11, TS12, TS13, TS14, TS15, TS16, TS17, TS18, TS19, TS20, TS21, TS22, TS23, TS24, [Sammelmappe], [Tüte]

Members that swap: 16
Stickers offered: 1,292
Stickers wanted: 1,115

Remarks: -

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