Lego Jurassic World Serie 3

Lego Jurassic World Serie 3 Blue Ocean, 2023

Lego Jurassic World Serie 3 - Blue Ocean Name: Lego Jurassic World Serie 3
Company: Blue Ocean
Year: 2023

Total stickers: 272
Numbers: 1-254
Special stickers: LE01, LE02, LE03, LE04, LE05, LE06, LE07, LE10, LE11, LE12, LE13, LE14, LE15, LE16, LE8, LE9, [Leeralbum], [Stickertüte]

Members that swap: 11
Stickers offered: 366
Stickers wanted: 1,201

Remarks: Nr.: 1-133 Dinosaurier, 134-151 Menschenkarten, 152-189 Aktionskarten, 190-225 Puzzlekarten, 226-250 Fallenkarten, 251-254 Platinkarten

LE01 Power T. Rex, LE02 Power Indominus Rex, LE03 Giganotosaurus, LE04 T. Rex, LE05 Power Carnotaurus, LE06 Power Indoraptor,
LE07 Power Giganotosaurus, LE08 Power Dilophosaurus, LE09 Power Blue, LE10 Power Charlie, LE11 Pyroraptor vs. Dilophosaurus,
LE12 Blue vs. Atrociraptor, LE13 Team Carnotaurus & Giganotosaurus, LE14 Team T. Rex & Therizinosaurus, LE15 Therizinosaurus vs. Giganotosaurus,
LE16 Carnotaurus vs. Baryonyx

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