WWE Slam Attax Universe

WWE Slam Attax Universe Merlin/Topps, 2019

WWE Slam Attax Universe - Merlin/Topps Name: WWE Slam Attax Universe
Company: Merlin/Topps
Year: 2019

Total stickers: 400
Numbers: 1-349
Special stickers: Chair Mahal, Chair Wyatt, Ladder Rollins/Balor, LEEC, LEMA, LEMB, LEMC, LESA, LETA, LETB, LETC, Ringmatte Andrade, Ringmatte Balor, Ringmatte Bayley, Ringmatte Big Show, Ringmatte Bryan (Wrestlemania 30), Ringmatte Bryan (Wrestlemania 34), Ringmatte Cena, Ringmatte Cesaro, Ringmatte Ciampa, Ringmatte Cole, Ringmatte Dream, Ringmatte Dunne, Ringmatte Flair, Ringmatte Gargano, Ringmatte Kingston, Ringmatte Lynch, Ringmatte McIntyre, Ringmatte Mysterio, Ringmatte Orton, Ringmatte Ramon, Ringmatte Reigns, Ringmatte Rock, Ringmatte Rollins, Ringmatte Rousey, Ringmatte Styles, Ringmatte Sullivan, Ringmatte The Miz, Ringmatte Triple H, Ringmatte Undertaker, Ringmatte Undisputed, Ringmatte Wyatt, Ringmatte Ziggler, Shirt Corbin, Shirt Elias, Shirt Lynch, Shirt Reigns, Shirt Strowman, Shirt Wilder, Table Strowman, Turnbuckle Reigns

Members that swap: 8
Stickers offered: 317
Stickers wanted: 298

Remarks: Limitierte:
LESA: Starter-Pack
LEEC: Topps.com
LETA: Mini-Sammeldose
LETB: Mini-Sammeldose
LETC: Mini-Sammeldose
LEMA: Multipack
LEMB: Multipack
LEMC: Multipack

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