Bundesliga 23/24

Bundesliga 23/24 Merlin/Topps, 2023

Bundesliga 23/24 - Merlin/Topps Name: Bundesliga 23/24
Company: Merlin/Topps
Year: 2023

Total stickers: 546
Numbers: 1-483
Special stickers: BL01, BL02, BL03, BL04, BL05, BL06, BL07, BL08, BL09, BL10, BL11, BL12, BL13, BL14, BL15, BL16, BL17, BL18, BL19, BL20, BL21, BL22, BL23, BL24, BL25, BL26, BL27, BL28, BL29, BL30, BL31, BL32, BL33, BL34, BL35, BL36, BL37, BL38, BL39, BL40, G002, G005, G028, G049, G071, G093, G112, G133, G155, G177, G196, G217, G239, G261, G280, G301, G323, G345, G364, G385, [Leeralbum], [Promo Stickertüte], [Stickertüte]

Members that swap: 225
Stickers offered: 23,658
Stickers wanted: 12,052

Remarks: -

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Link: [serie]3645[/serie]
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