Lego Ninjago Serie 9 - Dragons Rising

Lego Ninjago Serie 9 - Dragons Rising Blue Ocean, 2024

Lego Ninjago Serie 9 - Dragons Rising - Blue Ocean Name: Lego Ninjago Serie 9 - Dragons Rising
Company: Blue Ocean
Year: 2024

Total stickers: 288
Numbers: 1-256
Special stickers: LE02 Mutiger Arin, LE03 Mutiger Cole, LE04 Kai, LE05 Mutiger Zane, LE06 Mutiger Kai, LE07 Lloyd, LE08 Mutiger Jay, LE09 Cole, LE10 Nya, LE11 Zane, LE12 Arin, LE13 Wilder Ras, LE14 Jay, LE15 Sora, LE16 Wyldfyre, LE17 Kaiserin Beatrix, LE18 Ras, LE19 Rapton, LE20 Dorama, LE21 Arin, LE22 Ras, LE23 Team Arin & Sora, LE24 Team Lloyd & Kai, LE25 Team Zane & Cole, LE26 Team Beatrix & Ras, LE27 Zane vs. Dorama, LE28 Arin vs. Ras, LE29 Lloyd vs. Beatrix, LE30 Kai vs. Rapton, XXL1 Ultra Arin, [Leeralbum], [Stickertüte]; LE01 Mutiger Llyod

Members that swap: 16
Stickers offered: 1,094
Stickers wanted: 990

Remarks: Nr.: 1-81 Helden, 82-152 Schurken, 153-189 Aktionskarten, 190-207 Fallenkarten, 208-225 Fahrzeugkarten, 226-252 Puzzlekarten, 253-256 Goldkarten

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Link: [serie]3665[/serie]
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